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Unworn + Unwashed 1960’s Lee Storm Rider 101LJ Denim Jacket

September 5, 2011

You gotta wonder sometimes. How does a fine article of clothing like this Lee Storm Rider jacket survive 50 years and end up on a $6 jacket rack at a thrift store, unmolested and in mint condition, for me to buy? Like the dumb fat guy on the show Storage Wars says “Wow Factor”

This specimen sold and paid for within 2 days for $595.00. Going to a loving new home in Finland.


CRISP Union label on the inside front pocket!



Everybody’s choking over Deep Throat!

September 5, 2011

I managed to snag three of these vintage DEEP THROAT XXX movie t-shirts from the swap meet last week. All deadstock and looking fresh from a storage auction.

Considering another seller has had a similar shirt up for $1500 for the past year or so with no action, I’ll price mine competitively. Available here

BONUS MATERIAL: A photo of Linda Lovelace wearing an identical shirt sometime in the 1970s:


Vintage 80’s Boris Vallejo t-shirts

August 20, 2011

Though his work pales in comparison to the legendary Frank Frazetta, vintage Boris Vallejo t-shirts still look pretty epic:

Available in my eBay store


August 8, 2011

NIGGAZ4LIFE was N.W.A’s second and last album. Made sans Ice Cube who was well on his way to being colder than Coors Light. This original vintage N.W.A “NIGGAZ4LIFE” t-shirt is coming to the store this week:

Can I kick it?

August 8, 2011

You can with this vintage Tribe Called Quest t-shirt, circa 1990:



Coming soon to the store!

Living the dreams of many!

July 30, 2011


Love me some vintage Reggae t-shirt

July 27, 2011

Vintage 80’s The Wailers and Ziggy Marley t-shirts are perfect for summer!