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The Holy Grail of Hawaiian Shirts

October 14, 2011

Apparently I have found the holy grail of Hawaiian shirts: The Eugene Savage Matson Menu “Island Feast” print shirt by Kamehameha. Circa early 1950’s.

Up for auction here.

Eugene Savage was commissioned by the Matson Navigation Company to produce a set of murals. Completed in the 1930s. They were reduced in size and used as menu covers on the famous steamship Lurline and her sister vessels. Matson then engaged the services of Keoni Miegs.Alive today, he is the most famous of the old shirt designers. He converted the six menus into one collage. Matson then had a number of garments produced for sale on the ships. They were manufactured by Kamehameha Garment Company in Hilo and included shirts, swim trunks, muu muus, sarong dresses, bolero tops and more.

Considered drool worthy by Aloha shirt collectors, they’ve  sold for $1,000+. Even with the economy in the toilet, they still do OK:

When doing research on vintage pieces, it’s always a good sign to find pictures of identical items being displayed by Japanese rockabilly guys. Asking price in Japan ¥198,000 (about $2,500):

Eugene Savage:

Thanks Eugene! Hoping for a popcorn finish!

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  1. cameron permalink
    November 15, 2011 8:13 am

    Hello Hermosa Vintage – I have this shirt too although it is size Medium. Is it true the larger sizes sell for more? I am on the fence as to framing the shirt or selling it! I have never used eBay and wonder if you have a suggestion of locating a buyer.
    Thank you,

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