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40 Acres and a letterman jacket

August 25, 2010

40 Acre’s and a Mule clothes comes up every so often on ebay, but a Spike’s Joint Los Angeles Cross Colours looking letterman jacket? Never seen it!

Spike Lee made so much money selling Malcolm X caps back in 1992 that he opened up a store on Melrose. Quoted from Entertainment Weekly:

Why open a Spike’s Joint on lily-white Melrose instead of in a black neighborhood?

”I don’t have to defend myself,” Lee says. ”From day one everything I’ve done has been for black people. It seems unfair that any time a black American makes money there’s a problem.”

By 1997 the steam ran out, as quoted from the New York Times:

A store manager said last December that sales had dropped 15 percent over the previous two years. Neighborhood residents said that the first half of 1997 had done nothing to reverse that trend, that the novelty of Mr. Lee’s movie merchandise had worn off and that the urban wear he offered was available elsewhere.

In Living Color got it right though:

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